Immense & To infinity

I’m still working on this page, all the available artworks about this serie are not uploaded yet.

When I was a little girl lying in the bed I could feel a vast source around me. I could see the particles of energy moving all together around me. I also could became a particle, floating in the void, feeling as if I were one with everything. Feeling the immensity. Now, many years later, remembering this, I am working on this new artwork with acrylic, bioalcohol and fluor colors.

I also use this work as a quantum portal. I throw into the infnity expectations, goals, desires … I throw everything out of this existence that I apparently find myself in and believed important … And when I’m throwing all that I realize that I’m throwing myself. I empty myself. I return to the immensity. Where there are no limits. Where we are free. Where we all belong. And you ? What would you throw into infinity?