« I explore, discover, play… I seek to feel. I paint what I want according to the moment. Painting frees me. That makes me very happy, as it allows me remembering the true pourpose of my being.»

Iris Aneas is an Spanish painter who lives in the mountains surrounded by forests. Anarchist and psiconaut, to create Iris needs to feel close to nature and her own inner-being. The themes in Aneas’ works center around Nature, the celebration and freedom of the spirit.

She approaches her artistic process by unifying mind and heart, listening to what the blank space asks, stating that she transforms painting as painting transforms her.

Graduated in Electronic Art and Digital Design, she’s been working in new media and advertising for years, and she also produces and signs her own songs.

In 2015 she leaves the city and few years later she starts exploring painting. Exhibited at charity exhibitions and private auctions, her works can be found in private collections in Spain and abroad.

Being an intuitive artist in her works, Iris is always exploring new techniques, landscapes and compositions. Every painting is different because she uses art as a transformation process.

working in the studio